Bas-Relief Plaques

"Bas-relief" Portraits ?

Bas-relief portraits are works of art. They are hand sculpted and modeled in clay. Bas-reliefs can be life-like portraits, or stylized abstracts, depending on client’s request and the artist. Note the bas-relief dedication plaques from our Los Angeles Coliseum collection. Some sculpts are life-like, and others, done by a noted cartoonist, can be abstract .

When the clay sculpts are approved by you, the client, they are either cast separately and then attached to your plaque, or the clay master is attached to the master pattern. The portrait relief then becomes “integrated” into the casting. The depth of a bas-relief is generally 1/4″ deep. However, when producing a larger plaque, (say, 2ft x 3ft or larger), the portrait sculpt can be 1″ to 3″ deep. A Bas-relief sculpt can be a portrait-bust, or a sculpting of a “scene”, as in the Vietnam Memorial Plaque in the slide presentation.

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