Signage & Wayfinding

You can use signage to identify, explain, warn or direct. Wayfinding is a specific type of signage that guides and directs, and is the signage you see outside and inside buildings, in public and private areas and buildings. SoCal Bronze Signage and Wayfinding draws from various processes and materials to meet your need for durability, visibility and to match the design intent of your project.

Importance of Signage

From a single stainless steel exterior sign directing visitors to your building, a directory sign in your lobby, to the signage on each door and in the hallways and elevators. All of this can be your wayfinding signage system. SoCal Bronze signage and wayfinding provides two important services. It guides people through an area or environment, public space or building, and also enhances their understanding and experience.

SoCal Bronze has provided custom and standard signage and wayfinding for urban centers, commercial and government properties, healthcare facilities, transportation and educational campuses. SoCal Bronze informational and directional signage and wayfinding has been designed and produced using cast, cut and fabricated metals, and various forms of plastics and natural materials like wood.

Latest projects

  • Sports Halls of Fame
    Sports Halls of Fame
  • Museums, Libraries and Public Venues
    Museums, Libraries and Public Venues
  • Military & Veterans
    Military & Veterans
  • Police, Fire & Public Safety
    Police, Fire & Public Safety