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Beneath the oxidation and years of exterior exposure, the unfinished bronze remains.

Cast sculpts and plaques can be brought back to bare metal. An artistic finish is then applied to resemble the original finish. Sculptures and plaques can be refinished in a new patina color. ​From Military Seals to Plaques… whether bronze, aluminum or any other metal alloy, there is an answer to the restoration of your items. You can also choose a finish other the original. The Marine Seal that was “antiqued” after the metal was cleaned & restored. ​Statuary in stone can also be restored and brought to its natural stone finish. Just like metal sculptures, stone can be cleaned to look as it did when it was installed.

Your plaques, statuary and other metal graphics can be restored in-place, without removal. This requires our service truck and personnel, and the cost is based on the items as well as travel variables. We also offer removal and installation services, which may be an option for you.

For quickest quote response, PLEASE INCLUDE PHOTOS AND SIZES of the plaques, statuary and metal graphics requiring restoration. Plaque restoration is based on the size, (horizontal and vertical), as well as the overall depth. Photos will show us whether the plaque is a “flat-relief” (text and line art), or includes sculpted elements. We can refinish in the original foundry colors, or can quote on custom patina finishes.

Restoration Examples