Etched Brick, Granite, Marble and Masonry Products

The ancient art of engraved, or etched masonry is timeless. And SoCal Bronze brings that art to contemporary applications.  Etched bricks for donor recognition, an engraved granite or marble monument to honor or commemorate, are applications of this art. And SoCal Bronze can provide both finished product, ready to be installed, or can provide the etching-engraving process on site.

Example Installations

Etched Brick, Granite, Marble and Masonry Products

SoCal Bronze offers a broad selection, quality and best overall value in masonry products. Similar to our metal products, granite and marble are ideal options for custom signage, memorials and recognition applications. These stone products offers high visibility, low maintenance and a prestigious appearance.

SoCal Bronze offers a variety of different granite color options sourced from quarries around the world. No matter the color, or country of origin, SoCal Bronze handles each stone product with the same level of excellence. There are endless possibilities with stone. Customize your project by selecting the shape, carving and finish, with many options for lettering and imagery as well.

Latest projects

  • Sports Halls of Fame
    Sports Halls of Fame
  • Museums, Libraries and Public Venues
    Museums, Libraries and Public Venues
  • Military & Veterans
    Military & Veterans
  • Police, Fire & Public Safety
    Police, Fire & Public Safety