Photo-to-Sculpt Plaques

What is "Photo to Sculpt"?

“Photo to Sculpt” technology allows us to re-create photographs as high detail, low relief sculpted images in our cast bronze and aluminum plaques. What’s the advantage of “Photo to Sculpt” portraits? Unlike our artist-sculpted bas-relief portraits, these sculpted images are not interpreted, but made from your photos, which we can edit, crop and merge with other photographic images to create a montage. From photo to plaque, the results are amazing. What about cost?  Remarkably, the “photo to sculpt” process, when added to a standard text-line art casting, can be as little as a 10% upcharge. Are “Photo to Sculpt” plaques as archival as traditional cast plaques? Absolutely. The archival value of our cast bronze or cast aluminum plaques remains the same after adding the “Photo to Sculpt” portrait process.

Socal bronze “Photo to Sculpt” using cast aluminum …..In place of cast bronze, offering cost savings, as well as a reduction in weight. Looking just like its cast bronze counterpart, this may be a viable solution for you…

From our client’s submitted layout and photograph, we first do a black and white layout, then colorize it, and ultimately, with client approval, cast their plaque as a bronzetone cast aluminum “photo to sculpt” plaque.

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